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 Posted: Jan 15 2017, 12:01 PM

Note: Guests can see the full board & all it's forums once they register a member account. We hope that you do join us


[X]Be polite and respectful of everyone. Hate speech, bullying, threats and any other negative behavior WILL NO be tolerated. Treat others the way you like to be treated. Report any issues to staff ASAP.

[X]We are a 2-2-2 site (basically R-rated) meaning sex, violence and language are allowed to a certain level. Mid-level violence and language & fade to black sex on site. Players MUST be 17 years old to play here.

[X]Please remember that your fellow players and staff are human. We all have lives and cannot be on the site 24/7. Do not prod for posts or pester about your applications. If you feel you have been waiting a while or have a question, send a PM.

[X]Do not take any IC attacks against your character personally. Keep the drama off the site. If you have issues with another player speak with them first about the issue to try and work it out. If you are unable to come to a resolution on your own first, then approach a member of staff for help.

[X]Everyone must register an OOC Player account, this is so that staff & others have a central place to contact you. Register all characters accounts by codename, or real name if they do not have a codename. Use proper capitalization.


[X]Currently there is no limit on the amount of characters one may play.

[X]Every player is allowed 2 characters for free once they join.

[X]Subsequent characters require waiting one week & gaining 10 In Character posts with the last approved character. If other characters you have are deemed Inactive from Activity Check, we will not approve a new character till you are deemed active again.

[X]Canon & original characters are both welcome here, but non-X-Men Marvel based characters are off limits.

[X] Please give us at least 48 hours for approval of your applications. If beyond that time we have not given word on your application then you may message us politely to ask the status.

[X]All applications require a majority of staff to approve (which currently stands at needing approval of 3 out of the 5 members). Each application gets three chances to be fixed after staff has looked at it. If by the third time character is still OP, a Gary Stu/Mary Sue, etc we reserve the right to deny the application.

[X]Players have one week from the time of registering to post a finished application. If a Work in Progress application is posted, players then have one week from the date of posting to finish the application. Contact us if more time is needed.

[X]All characters MUST be 13 or older and all play by/face claims must also be 13 or older. Characters created before this rule was adopted that are younger were grandfathered in.

[X]All Playbys/Face Claims are required to be real people, generally entertainers of some kind. Not yourself or friends or family. No comic book images or other art can be used as an avatar or profile photo. Face claims should be age-appropriate to the character. Images should be within 5 years for someone under 25 or within 10 years for someone older than 25.

[X] Reluctant faction members are allowed only for New Mutants. If your character is X-Men or Brotherhood, it is by choice.

[X] ALL accounts are required to have an avatar. Even your OOC accounts. This keeps up a chosen aesthetic for the site. Avatars must be 250x400 and all signatures must be less than 600 pixels wide. Keep your avatars & signatures clean, no nudity or sexual acts. This goes the same for CBox avatars.


[X]There is no specific word count, we just ask that you be considerate of others and give enough for a response. Give them some meat in which to craft a reply.

[X]No god-modding. Do not control the actions, thoughts or anything else of another character.

[X]All characters (Canon & Original) are required to have 4 In Character posts per month. That is one post a week at the minimum.

[X]Activity Checks will be run in the final week of every month. Failing to meet activity one month will lead to a PM from staff just to discuss missed activity & offer any help getting active the next month. Missing activity for a second month in a row will lead to original characters being retired & canons put up for adoption.

[X]Players that return from inactivity can speak with staff to un-retire their original characters. If your orphaned canons are still available you can speak with staff to reclaim them. If they have been adopted, you cannot reclaim them.

[X]We understand that life happens. If you are sick, busy, etc please post in the Leave of Absence Thread. Posting in Cbox/Discord/Skype/etc does not count as a legit Leave of Absence. LOAs longer than a month should be discussed with the staff to figure out a plan, especially if you hold canons or characters important to plots or a group.

[X] If you plan to quit the site for any reason, please let us know. We just ask for a heads up so that we can retire/adopt your characters instead of waiting till you are inactive for a month or two.

[X] Site Time: Every month of real time will cover two weeks of time within the game. Each month we'll rollover to playing a new two weeks of time within the game world. All new threads must be dated within the current Rollover Time, unless they are posted in the Flashback Forum. Any threads that are still in progress from the last rollover may continue to be posted to only if you were already part of that thread.

[X] THREE DAY RULE: If your turn comes up in a thread & after three days you have not posted, the thread owner has the right to skip you to keep the thread going. You may return in the next round when your turn comes up. If a player is skipped twice in a thread, the thread owner may write them out of the thread.

[X] IC actions have IC consequences. For example if a student character breaks the rules, they may get detention; if someone eats babies, they will not be allowed to join the X-Men. Don't worry though, staff will not throw characters into every thread to punish characters though. That would defeat the fun of things.

[X] We all have different writing skills, levels of skill with the English language but try to make your posts as clear and clean as possible.

[X] Players must run any Marriage or Pregnancy plots by the staff. Have a plan for the plot, as well as a plan for how to get out of it should the spouse or other parent character suddenly leaves the site.

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