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 Posted: Aug 5 2017, 10:16 PM


Are any of the movies/comics/cartoons canon in this universe?

None of the various media worlds of the X-Men are expressly canon in this site. Divided We Fall is a fully Alternate Universe style RPG incorporating aspects of movies, comics, and cartoons.

What’s the premise/plot of the site?

Mutants have been known for about a decade, after someone caught footage of a powers manifestation on their smart phone, and Xavier has been collecting young mutants to open his school for just a handful of months. The X-Men have just recently had their big debut to the world as a team of superheroes. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood is beginning to collect mutants who aren’t totally goody-two-shoes—I mean, who don’t believe in Xavier’s dream of peace.

Overall the goal with the site is to allow players to help build a world from the ground up, with some big things slated to happen over the months that will give characters a firmer direction.

Why can't I see the roleplay forums?

Because we've had some issues with plagiarism, we've made the forums viewable to registered members only.

Are all X-Men characters open to be played?

Outside of those that are in the ban list, yes. There might be a few characters that are just too overly powered that we forgot to add to the ban list that we might deny. If there are any doubts, please feel free to ask!

What about Marvel canon characters overall?

While we love Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., those characters are not playable on the site.

Can I play a human character?

Yes! Humans are a big part of the world and welcome to be played. While humans are welcome at Xavier’s, however, they might have a harder time breaking into the Brotherhood.

Am I limited in the number of characters I can play?

Currently there is no limit, though we do have an activity requirement of 4 posts per month.

What about aliens, god characters, robots, Inhumans and other types of canon characters?

None of those are acceptable, and are on the ban list. While some (gods, robots, Inhumans) will remain banned, aliens in particular relate to a plotline staff are rolling out and may become playable later.

How long as this board been around?

We opened our doors in the middle of January 2017.

Is there a specific length for posts?

There is no specific length required for posts. As long as other players have enough to work with and you feel your character has been accurately represented, you’re golden.

My application was approved and I’m ready to play, now what do I do to start?

Generally the best way to start is to start your own open thread in the area that matches your character’s affiliation or living arrangements. If you applied for a New Mutant this means you could start a thread at the Xavier Academy or nearby, unless you want to do a thread with them being recruited or a one-shot of them leaving for their new home. The other option is to jump into already in progress open threads to get your character into the middle of the action in a manner of speaking. You can find open threads listed here.

Can I connect my canon or original character to another player’s canon or original character?

Only with that person’s permission. An original character cannot have a connection to an unplayed canon.

I was gone for a time and came back to find my character taken away, and or someone else playing them. What happened?

There is an inactivity time limit on this board. If you miss two consecutive Activity Checks (4 in character posts a month), your characters will be put up for grabs if canon and retired if original. If a canon is still open upon your return, you can reapply with the same canon.

Can my character join any affiliation?

Yes, as long as it makes sense in their character to join said affiliation or they are the correct age to join. New Mutants are junior to high school level characters, meaning they are school-aged. Someone that loves the idea of mutants being together with humans would not really fit with the Brotherhood. Use good sense when selecting an affiliation.

Are players allowed to NPC characters?

If it’s your own OC or another character you play, yes. Random civilian NPCs are okay, too, as long as they’re not canons—so your character can bump into some random guy in a coffee shop and have a negative exchange; that random guy cannot turn into a giant green rage monster.


"This is why you were chosen. Because the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows... compassion."
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