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 Posted: Jan 11 2017, 08:40 PM

Clearly you love the X-Men (otherwise you wouldn’t be here!). To make gameplay enjoyable for all involved, we have banned some canons, concepts, and powers. The reasons may vary, but mostly because they are OP or overused. See the full list below.

NOTE: As we are an X-Men focused site all characters, concepts & ideas from the rest of the Marvel Universe are not allowed. So no Avengers, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, etc. unless the Admins state otherwise.

All of the powers listed below are off limits for all Original Characters. Some of the powers are possibly negotiable with staff, but there are no guarantees.
    -Cosmic Powers of any kind
    -Full Precognition (limited is okay, just remember that each player controls their characters)
    -Healing Factors (Minor healing is okay, but not Wolverine/Deadpool-level healing for OCs)
    -Immortality/Slow Aging
    -Reality Warping
    -Time Travel
    -Power Mimicry

These elements are banned from being used, including in original characters, without the express permission of the staff. This is at staffs discretion, so there is no guarantee.
    -Alternate Universes
    -Clones of canon or original characters
    -Extensive martial arts training (use your best judgment here, a character shouldn’t be an expert in 5 martial arts. Some experience in 1-2 is fine).
    -Hellfire Club (Speak with Scott)
    -Memory tampering
    -Mutant Cures (Not yet introduced in site plot)
    -OC relatives to canons or OCs (unless filling a wanted request or with explicit permission from player)
    -Phoenix Force
    -Sentinels (plot being run by staff)
    -The Thieves & Assassins Guilds (Speak to Mo)
    -Weapon X
    -Supernatural aspects or magical/mythological abilities

The following elements are permitted, however, due to their serious nature will be viewed with a more critical eye to ensure they are portrayed with proper respect and understanding.
    -Domestic/Child/Etc Abuse
    -Mental Illness
    -Rape/Sexual Assault

The following canon characters (along with canon groups) are banned from being played because they are too powerful and/or interfere with/are part of long-term board plots.
    -Cable - Nathan Summers
    -Cassandra Nova - Cassandra Xavier
    -Emplate - Marius St. Croix
    -Franklin Richards
    -Holocaust - Nemesis
    -Hope Summers
    -Legion - David Haller
    -Madelyne Pryor
    -Mr. M - Absolon Mercer
    -Mr. Sinister - Nathaniel Essex
    -Proteus - Kevin MacTaggart
    -Rachel Summers
    -Shadow King
    -Stryfe - Nathan Summers (Clone)
    -Tempo - Heather Tucker
    -Vulcan - Gabriel Summers
    -X-Man - Nate Grey


"This is why you were chosen. Because the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows... compassion."
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