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 We Were Brothers In More Than Name..., Ghost's little brother
 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 07:41 AM

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[Brother for Ghost | Dalton Park | 15-16 | New Mutant | Student]

Devin Park died on July 22, 2017. Except, in truth, he didn't. He just became a psychic ghost, unable to be perceived under normal circumstances. After a while, Devin stopped haunting his family, so that he himself could get past the fact that they'd likely never interact again. He wound up at Xavier's, mostly due to figuring out that mutants could perceive him, with some effort, and the high concentration of mutants.

He never thought about finding out if any of his other family members were mutants, and after he left was when he discovered that skill.

So! This is a fairly open wanted, based on the idea that his younger brother, Dalton, also manifested a mutation, and would be brought to Xavier's. His mutation is completely up in the air, whether it's a sensitive mutation or physical one - you can decide. If he's a sensitive type, he can detect Ghost without Ghost's assistance, but physical, Ghost would have to reveal himself.

I imagine Dalton was probably a smarter sibling. Maybe a little withdrawn, compared to Devin's constant out-and-rowdiness. There was likely no deep bad blood between the two ( unless you want there to have been, this character has some built in feels and plot material, if that's where you wanna go. ) Of course, if you want to take him another direction, that's absolutely acceptable.

There's nothing too set in stone other than he needs to be Devin's younger brother and a mutant.

As a note, I will likely add their sister as a wanted as well. ( There are three brothers and the youngest sister, total. )
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