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Emma Frost


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Jul 10 2018, 11:26 AM

Play By: Charlize Theron


[*]Full Name: Emma Grace Frost
[*]Affiliation: Brotherhood
[*]Mutant Codename: Emma Frost
[*]Nicknames/Aliases: Em

[*]Current Age: Thirty-three
[*]Date of Birth: February 15, 1984
[*]Birthplace: Boston, Mass.
[*]Immediate Family:
-Winston Frost/Father: Deceased
-Hazel Frost/Mother
-Adrienne Forst/Elder sister
-Christian Frost/Elder brother
-Cordelia Frost/Younger sister
-Warrick Frost/Uncle
[*]Associates: (Friends, enemies, former lovers, etc)
[*]Occupation: Business Consultant: Litigation, Ethical and Personal

[*]Gender: Female
[*]Orientation: Heterosexual
[*]Pronouns: She/Her
[*]Ethnicity: Caucasian
[*]Religion: N/A


[*]Height: 5'9''
[*]Weight: 142lbs/765lbs(diamond)
[*]Hair:Ash Blonde

[*]Overall Appearance:
Emma stands in at five feet nine inches with a body that seems almost too good to come across as natural as you pass her on the street. A jawline and bone structure that border on perfect, eyes that are a shade of blue that seem to belay most of her thoughts and ash blonde hair that doesn't look incredibly fake on her even complexion. It's clear she's put some work into her appearance, though what exactly that work is, is up in the air. She's never outright stated that she's gone under the knife but the comments have floated about her.

She has a trim body with an amicable bust and hip circumference. She keeps a toned look without going overboard on her physical training. Her walk can definitely be described as proud, if not bold. Neck long and shoulders back, knowing that there are eyes on her but not deeming a glance back. Her lips tend to settle into something that could border on a smile, though fall into a sneer just as quickly. Her brows are manicured perfectly to her face, a shade darker than her hair for effect. They are perhaps her most expressive trait, raising in disdain or even appreciation, the distinction clear in the moment.

As far as clothing and style go, Emma knows how to dress to please. Business Traditional and Executive Traditional are her main go-to's. Skirts, designer pantsuits and always a pair of heels to complete the ensemble. She's not afraid of colour, knowing what makes her stick out more than most. She has a tendency towards leather and a desire for name brand, ingrained from her youth. Her jewlery is simple and classic, something small to be remembered by. She knows she doesn't need to rely on statement pieces to make her known. Her hair is usually swept into a classic business bun or set in a way that seems flawless, though hours of work may be put into it. Emma merely wants to put forth that she means business upon first seeing her.


Calculated to a severe degree, Emma is a cold and hard person to read. She comes off strong willed and knowing, her facial ques doing more to put her victim off ease than anything. Her dry wit has given her a somewhat renown knowing to the circles she associates with. She's a shark in a business setting and is not afraid to show her arsenal that is her learning in all things that she deems worthy. She's definitely one to have on your side in an argument. She's a loyal friend and is certainly not afraid to fight on behalf of those that she considers equals or those that seem to need her help, in her eyes. She is entirely steadfast in that sense, though also one to have your back in the sense of her money. She has been known to flaunt it on occasion in order to shove the weight of her ego around.

As far as an intimate setting, Emma has never been one for 'love' in a traditional sense. She has never had a lasting romantic relationship, particularly not since her powers developed. She clearly relies on them heavily to scope out those she meets, though she has slowly learned how invasive it can be. She is anything but trusting, instead almost on guard when someone flirts with her or passes an inane comment her way. She tends to respond with a demeaning comment of her own, casting forth a duel of words. That is her way of taking the flirtatious field. She is not stranger to a passionate night or two, though she is selective and requires a full and extensive check into their sexual history. She is nothing if not careful.

To the rare few who know Emma on a personal and intimate level of friendship, past the point of just an acquaintance, she has a severe tendency to bottle up her emotions. She shuts them off, refusing to acknowledge things that make her feel sad and powerless in the moment. That being said, Emma, when alone and by herself has a strong bout of doubting herself, a trace brought over from when she was young in her family household. Despite her wealth and business setting she fully knows she would be nowhere without her powers to have helped her and it truly does make her vulnerable if brought to light. She has yet to react in such a way publicly, but surely it's bound to happen with the turmoil coming.

[*]Abilities/Skills: (Is your character skilled in something like fighting, technology, weaponry, crafting, writing, medical, veterinary, sports, etc. Whatever skills you put MUST be explained in the character history below. No magical skills they just have.)

[*]Freestyle: (Tell us anything else you want to about your character, get creative. Anything you feel that doesn't fit elsewhere on the application, this is where you tell us about it. Let us get to know the character as you envision them. What are their goals? Their fears? What are things they like or really dislike? Must be at least one full five sentence paragraph, but has a maximum of 1,000 words.)


[Delete this note before posting your app] Note: (All powers that are separate from one another need to be placed in their own Power entry. If the power lets them run fast and fly, those should be separate. If the power lets them talk to animals and call the animals to their side they can be one power)

[*]Power Name Here
[*]Basic Description: (At least two or three sentences that give an overall view of what the power is. DO NOT copy & paste from a Wiki or elsewhere. Example: Cyclops power allows him to fire solar powered blasts from his eyes uncontrollably. His body absorbs solar energy at all times that builds up to allow these blasts to emerge from his eyes, the only thing currently that can stop them is his closed eyes.)

[*]Pros & Cons: (MUST BE two full five sentence long paragraphs. This is where you go deeper on the powers. What are all the limits & levels of the abilities? What are the cool things that can be done with it, but also what are the flaws & weaknesses that come with the power (time limit, toll on the body, distance, etc). ALL powers have some sort of limits or drawbacks/weaknesses. No one is invincible to everything. DO NOT copy & paste from a Wiki or elsewhere.)

[*]Power Name Here
[*]Basic Description: (At least two or three sentences that give an overall view of what the power is. DO NOT copy & paste from a Wiki or elsewhere. Example: Cyclops power allows him to fire solar powered blasts from his eyes uncontrollably. His body absorbs solar energy at all times that builds up to allow these blasts to emerge from his eyes, the only thing currently that can stop them is his closed eyes.)

[*]Pros & Cons: (MUST BE two full five sentence long paragraphs. This is where you go deeper on the powers. What are all the limits & levels of the abilities? What are the cool things that can be done with it, but also what are the flaws & weaknesses that come with the power (time limit, toll on the body, distance, etc). ALL powers have some sort of limits or drawbacks/weaknesses. No one is invincible to everything. DO NOT copy & paste from a Wiki or elsewhere.)


[*]Character History
(Must be FOUR TO FIVE well developed and organized paragraphs, that means at least five full sentences per paragraph. Fill in all of the past of your character that you feel adds to them, be creative and logical and detailed as possible. Even if you are picking up a canon character who doesn't have much background/is obscure, be creative and fill in those blanks. Make the character your own. Let us see how you see the character. As this is an AU site, do not turn in a history that heavily relies on comic and movie events or cartoon events, that won't fit into the tapestry of this world. Be creative and find ways to spin things for the character to make them work and flow in this universe. Read the site history and plot for information, and ask if help is needed.)

Emma was born to a high class family, the middle of four children. She wanted for nearly nothing in her early years, though she suffered torment from her elder sister, Adrienne (who was deemed the 'pretty' sister). She seemed to be close to her only brother, Christian, though he was at least five years older than her. Her younger sister, Cordelia, was the true lone wolf, sequestering herself to her room and listening to rage metal at the annoyance of her mother and father. Mother had no real maternal instinct, more likely to nurse a glass of vodka than a bruised knee on one of her children. Emma never saw much of Father, save for their one weekly night dinner ever Wednesday. Over all, it was an easy childhood as long as the children kept up their grade records and didn't dip into juvenile tendencies.

By the time she was fourteen, it was clear that Emma was not going to be a shining diamond of the Frost family like her elder sister Adrienne. She was small, lanky and had mouse brown hair. To top it off had recently become prone to severe migraines that caused her far too much attention than she cared for. She tried at her schoolwork, though she fell just under the 'gold star' rating. One teacher, the female students favourite: Mr. Ford, took pity upon Emma and decided to try and help with some private tutoring. Embarrassed at the private attention but wanting to raise her grades, Emma agreed and met with Mr. Ford on several occasions, despite a severe pounding on her head from the increased migraines. Her grades raised, though barely, through the tutoring, which was going along well, Emma fighting the urge to blush deeply whenever Mr. Ford looked at her. On their last session, Emma couldn't fight off the pounding headache anymore, she gave in, passing out and gaining a severe nosebleed in the end. Ford himself rushed her to the hospital where her parents and family met her. Emma came too in a hospital, her family just outside her room talking with Mr. Ford. The odd thing was...she could hear them clearly, but it wasn't their voices.

A few short hours later and she was back home, nearly forgotten once more, her brother at her side, talking over what happened. She explained that she heard something, but knew it wasn't vocal voices, but the things people didn't want heard, their thoughts. Christian merely waved it off as effects of the hospital drugs and the fainting, leaving Emma by herself as he retreated to his own room. The hearing thoughts increased as the days went by, Emma able to distinguish who was who by the voices. She found that in a crowd, it was almost overwhelming, like drowning, but if she found one person, or thought to focus on, she was fine. Naturally she used this newfound power as any fourteen year old girl who wanted to do better in school would. She cheated. She soon skyrocketed to the top of the class, much to Mr. Ford's pleasure. He openly congratulated her, making her something of a shining example to her class. It was a small confidence booster that Emma needed to get her life on track.

As with any up and coming success however, Emma took it too far. She approached Mr. Ford, stating that she wished to continue their tutoring sessions and he heartily agreed, thinking he was the reason for her recent accomplishments. Emma offered for them to meet a little later at a restaurant near the school, stating she was hungry from a long day at school. Ford agreed and the to met at an Italian place where, Emma bring her books and applying makeup rather inexpertly. The night did not go as she planned, Ford intent on the work and Emma only intent upon him. As they wrapped up at a respectable hour they left and Emma followed him to his car, stating her thanks for his willingness to help her. As Ford starting entering his car, Emma threw herself at him, kissing him full on the lips and lifting a leg to attempt to get on his hips. To Ford's credit, he was quick to react, though not before employee's at the restaurant witnessed and promptly called the police. Ford managed to disentangle himself from Emma and tell her that it could and would never happen between them. Emma, embarrassed and enraged at him spurning her, glared daggers and wished the very worst upon him. As the police arrived, Ford fell to the floor, his breath ragged and his eyes rolled back into his head, seemingly out of nowhere.

Sadly, Emma was escorted home back from the police, her father answering the door to their incessant knocking. He was affronted by his daughters actions, but kept civil with the police. As soon as the door was closed however, her father yelled at Emma, calling her a 'whore' and other such obscenities. Emma was secluded to her room, anger and shame running inside her. For the entire weekend she was there, until she started forming an adolescent idea.

---NOTES to add into history---
-ADRIENNE, OoP/Christian,deceased/Cordy,caring for mum


[*]Player Alias: Bepi
[*]Your Age: 29
[*]Pronouns: She/Her
[*]Timezone/Location: MDT(Mountain)/CO-I will generally be on M-F (7a-4p) and throughout the weekends
[*]Contact Info: PM/Discord (Bepi)

[*]Your Characters: N/A
[*]How Did You Find Us?:RPG-Directory

[*]Role Play Sample:
Her lacquered fingers tapped on the wooden desk, an international sign of impatience and needs not being met. She would have to make some changes to improve how it was all received. She knew the Brotherhood 'welcomed mutants one and all' but honestly...a beat up old mall? It was tacky, if not a bit cliche. Malls for one were a thing of the past. They didn't hold up to...well anything. It was large, which was nice, but still...a bit grungey and not quite what she was hoping to come across upon first stepping within the the walls of the known group of mutants. To be coming at at all was a bit bold of her, but she was well aware of it. Emma Frost did not second guess herself.

The initial search was at least comforting. No weapons on her, no bombs or otherwise highly explosive objects. She was not a terrorist. As far as they knew. She wondered if they had a telepath about, though she couldn't seem to deduce it herself. A slight shake of her head had her blonde hair moving away from her face, her full lips pursed ever-so as she heard movement come from the halls outside the room she was in. Her blue eyes were taking in every detail, storing away any and everything she could use as an excuse to her favour.

She could be useful here. Hell, she would be useful here. If there was one thing Emma Frost was good at, it was rebuilding. She had done it her whole life and now she was a known contender on the field. Sitting back, her arms crossing beneath her bust, she crossed her smooth legs beneath the black leather skirt encircling her lower torso. A blush blouse was buttoned on her top, leaving the right amount of cleavage to not come across as cheap. Her stiletto's, a staple for her cause, were of a black leather, matching the skirt. Her pearl earrings were practically shining in the dim light. She was here to make an impression and by hell, she was going to do it.

As the being entered the room before her, a low smile grew on Emma's tinted lips. She stood smoothly, giving a hand to the one offered to her. "Emma Frost, of Frost International." Her accent was precise, not a word mis-heard, though she was not British in the least. She stood tall, her lips quirked on the edge of a welcoming smile. She followed suit with the introduction, the man before her older, the grey at his temples adding more to his looks than taking away. He leaned back in his chair, his hands coming together to rest on his knee.

Emma herself nearly mimicked the pose, her own legs crossing as her hands met to rest on one knee. As he asked upon her arrival and meeting she actually did give a smile. "I'm here to help the Brotherhood make their mark on mutant-kind, darling. Face it, you need me."
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