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Jun 28 2018, 10:18 PM

Play By: Rihanna Fenty


[*]Full Name: Jillian Annamarie Derion
[*]Affiliation: Unaffiliated
[*]Mutant Codename: Lavi
[*]Nicknames/Aliases: Jill, Jilly (Jack only), Jillybean

[*]Current Age: Twenty-four
[*]Date of Birth: August 20th
[*]Birthplace: Curaçao
[*]Immediate Family: Jack Derion (sister), Parents (unknown), Jessica & Markus Derion ("Foster" Parents, Dead)
[*]Occupation: Baker

[*]Gender: Female
[*]Orientation: Straight far as she knows
[*]Pronouns: She/Her
[*]Ethnicity: Caribbean
[*]Religion: Spiritual


[*]Height: 5' 8"
[*]Weight: 140lbs
[*]Eyes: Green
[*]Hair: Normally brown, currently Red

[*]Overall Appearance: Jill is definitely defined as girlie when it comes to what she will and won't wear. Most of the time she wears dresses and skits, loving the way a dress can show off her entire body and how skirts can show off her legs depending on the length. And she can be very colorful, bright, and eye-catching. Her favorite colors are rose pink, canary yellow, lilac, seagreen, baby blue, but mostly rose pink and white. Her closest makes her look like an angel with how much white is in there. And let's not talk about her unmentionables. From heels to sneakers, it depends on what she has to do other the weather regardless of where she is, though she's more partial to helled boots even in the snow.

Her body is curvy yet fit. She takes great pride in her physique, taking jogs every morning at 4am with her sister for about four miles round trip, more or less depending on Jack's mood that day. Her skin is almost flawless, save for a single tattoo on the underside of her right wrist. It's of her sister's full name in script. There is also a large burn and cut scar reaching across her shoulder blades, over her shoulders, down her back and up the right side of her neck that she hides with her hair, but she never talks about it, nor will she wear anything that reveals it, including dresses.


[*]Personality: Jill is the sweet one, a kind and thoughtful young woman. Unlike her twin, violence makes her physically ill and she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She loves to talk and is a very friendly person to anyone that she meets, and she tries to get Jack to be nice too, as hard as that is. There are times when she is overly shy, mostly when she's in the presence of a guy she thinks is above the moon gorgeous. But that's where romantic thoughts ends.

She's never been with a man before and would probably faint at the thought of doing so if she didn't have feelings for him. Unlike her sister, who she thinks has probably done it many times, she just can't see herself whoring herself out like that. If she were to do it, she would want to wait until they were married, or if she knew that they were going to be married eventually. The guy would have to be a real sweet talker to get in her pants otherwise. Her love for her sister is as big as the sun and she would do anything for her, just to make her happy, and she knows Jack would do the same for her.

Blood is her kryptonite and the very sight of it, let alone the smell will make her freeze in petrifying fear until she passes out. She cannot stand it, not even a small cut on your finger and it literally takes her straight back to that horrible night with the couple, though she slowly had to learn to deal with every day stuff working in her bakery but it’s still a major struggle. Also if you tease her or scare her purposely with it, any trust you may have gained with her will be lost and you have to start from square one to get it back. She's fiercely loyal once you get her trust, but don't lose it. It's hard to get it back a second time. Third time is a strike out.

But don’t be fooled into think that these twins are nothing alike. While she cannot stand violence on a normal basis, even Jill has a dark side that rarely appears. If someone she loves or cares about is threatened or hurt, she can be over-protected to the point of heinous violence. Even her fear of blood would be overcome if it meant vengeance over her enemies. Mind you, she doesn’t hold a grudge and usually forgives anyone who causes her personal harm. But do not be the one that gets on her bad side in regards to her friends and family. She is a hidden storm just waiting to be released.

[*]Abilities/Skills: (Is your character skilled in something like fighting, technology, weaponry, crafting, writing, medical, veterinary, sports, etc. Whatever skills you put MUST be explained in the character history below. No magical skills they just have.)

[*]Freestyle: (Tell us anything else you want to about your character, get creative. Anything you feel that doesn't fit elsewhere on the application, this is where you tell us about it. Let us get to know the character as you envision them. What are their goals? Their fears? What are things they like or really dislike? Must be at least one full five sentence paragraph, but has a maximum of 1,000 words.)


[*]Basic Description: Jill has the ability to move things with her mind and control their projection. She has this uncanny ability to float when she calm and happy, which you see when she's cooking or just reading a book or in the gardens.

[*]Pros & Cons: For Jill, her potential is being able to do what Jack's power boost gives her without needing the help or the need to be in contact with her sister in order to do so. Instead, as she grows so will the time they are allowed to boost will get longer to the point they have a constant stream of energy running through the link they have in their mind. It will be effortless so that it’s more sustained than a boost and is based off her own strengths and growth instead of the alternative. . For small objects, she doesn't have to see them in order to make them move and will inadvertently make things move and do things for her without even noticing it. Simple things if she were to focus she can do, such as making things stop still or move around and levitate things up to 50lbs.

Jillian doesn't have much control over what she is and isn't able to control, though she's been practicing on tiny things when her masters weren't looking. Half of what she can do is subconscious and she has to focus not only on doing anything specific, but also to keep herself from doing it at all. She likes working on her abilities, whether she's focusing or not, such as when she wants something from across the room and it floats over on its own accord when she's not paying attention.

When it comes to flight, it isn’t very much, usually just a couple inches off the ground, but it a cute indicator of her mood. She can only lift things up to 50lbs at max and that is when she’s focused on the object. Without focus, items cannot go past 10lbs of weight and anything larger than that will push her past her limits. She cannot control it much at all; it’s only an emotional response. When she’s floating out of happiness, she will plop back down on her feet when it’s brought to her attention and she won’t be able to replicate the action again at will.

[*]Twin Telepathy & Power Augmentation
[*]Basic Description: She and Jack share minds, something that was apparent since they were born, where they can hear each other’s thoughts and speak to each other without saying a word. Through physical contact they can enhance each other’s powers, make them stronger and more precise; easier to control without build-up.

[*]Pros & Cons: To any other telepath it would just sound like static and tribal drums on an old, rickety television set. It also gives them a connection that not only lets them feel what the other is feeling, but has connected their powers as well. She can only link minds with Jack. She cannot reach out to another person and only other telepaths can reach into hers, as limited as it is. There also isn’t much of a barrier on her end if she wants to hide from Jack. If Jack is paying attention, she will hear or feel what Jill is feeling or listening. But she’s pretty sure Jack has a barrier against her, simply because her sister has told her Jill’s mind feels like sunshine and rainbows.

For Jill, the power augmentation lets her stop things in mid-air despite their speed (bullets, thrown objects, etc.), lift and move things 100 times her own weight with the flick of a finger, float and fly to great heights, and concentrate on things that are easily six tons or heavier (vehicles, buildings, etc) and she can feed the same energy into Jack. They can also give a very short boost while in proximity of each other, limited to a five foot radius for no longer than 90 seconds at the very most before their powers will take tolls on their bodies, the energy needed to control eating away at the booster until they suffer severe injury or even death. While touching has the maximum effect for each other, it is still ruled by the 90 second limitation when its only one twin doing the boost. When they are pushing a steady stream between each other, it runs them down faster and only gives them 60 seconds before their nose will bleed and their energy will deplete and risk death.


[*]Character History
The beginnings for the Derion sisters weren’t exactly pleasant. They were born into a syndicate in Jamaica, in an area known for its human trafficking. Their parents were poor, too poor to take care of unplanned twins, so they sold the two into the black market for money to let them survive. The girls were thankfully kept together, those in the industry learning that more clients got off more with twins to play around with. They were first sold to a man who raised children for both sex slaves as well as forced labor. The girls were considered strong and useful in their future, so they would be to made laborers when they were older. However, there was something about Jack that made them use her as a fighter as well as a laborer, which would make her grow use to the idea of killing someone without a thought.

As they grew up, the oldest twin, Jacqueline, would be protective over Jillian, who was slightly sickly when she was born and remained that way until she was about six. When one of them got in trouble, no matter which one, Jacqueline made sure to be the one that received the punishment, which made her harden up to the outside world. She would eventually tell Jillian this, but eventually the beatings would actually start to appeal to her more and more as they grew older, until she would purposely do things wrong just to have the punishment.

While they were in captivity, around the age of eight, their abilities started to manifest, which also became an interest in their captives. Jack’s main power came to surface during a cage fight where her opponent seemed to be getting the best of her. As her rage grew, her hits to his body seemed to get harder and harder until one particular kick to the chest, not only made him fly across the cage into the fencing, but it nearly shattered his ribcage, making him collapse and drown in his own blood. Her captives immediately sedated her before she could attack again, deciding that she would be a very good asset to a small ring of fights for people like her. Her power was so unique and out of control, even the smallest touch to things were becoming inconvenient, that she was forced to wear gloves at all times to keep her from destroying everything in her path.

Jill’s however, was far less destructive, yet proved to catch their eye as well. While she was forced to make supper alone, she reached for something and it came to her on its own accord. Delighting in her new discovery, she kept working until she could carry several platters out at once, to the shock and initial dismay of her masters. Immediately, especially after she heard of what happened with Jack, she stopped using her power in the sight of anyone except her sister, slowly letting them think that it was merely a parlor trick of a sort, since to them she never did it again.

Anyway, when they were about twelve, they were sold to a man and his wife, Jessica and Markus Derion in America. They took the girls in, but they had ulterior motives besides just labor. The couple got off on beating previous children to near death, or torturing them in ways that would scar them permanently. Of course, because Jacqueline had managed to make sure that Jillian was basically sheltered thus far, she managed to take all the beatings for awhile, taking off her gloves so they wouldn’t notice, but these people weren’t stupid. They were identical twins, yes, but you can’t keep taking the beatings for a girl that never received a mark. It also didn’t help that when she started to become pissed from the beating that whatever she had to grip against would break from a sudden grip of her hands, making them realize who they were dealing with and shoving her away.

Six months after getting there, while the girls were sleeping, Markus came into their bedroom and snatched Jillian, bent on making her his next victim. He took the girl down to his basement, where he did his work out of the public eye, and snatched off her nightgown, leaving her bare in front of him. Now his wife, who liked giving out punishment as much as her husband, knew of the bond between the two girls and went to get Jacqueline, making sure to tie the girl up because she was rather strong for her age.

She took her down to the basement and tied her to one of the support beams where her hands were unable to touch anything, Jillian already tied to the other one with her bare back on display. Seeing this made Jacqueline furious, but she was helpless to protect her sister as she watched Markus first realize just how attractive the girls were becoming, even Jack, then find that there were better ways to torture than just causing physical pain. The older sister had to watch as Jill was beaten mercilessly. After he was done, he took a whip, while she was still able to sob and whipped her.

By the time he stopped, Jill was only supported by the ropes that held her up, having passed out minutes before. Blood just poured from her body and the couple merely laughed it up. They waited for Jill to regain consciousness before they took a red-hot poker to burn her wounds closed, causing the young girl to scream out until she was hoarse. Satisfied, they untied both girls and left them down in the basement to clean up after themselves.

After that, Jill would become deathly afraid of blood, briefly seeing just how much had come out of her own body before she passed out again in Jack’s arms. Jill doesn't know anything about what happened after, only that Jack was furious and determined to get revenged. In her mini coma, Jill felt the fury and pain that her sister was going through before Jack somehow got their things and got them out of there.

By the next day, the two had managed to get themselves to another state entirely, Jack, being rather smart, having been stealing money from the couple since they got there to buy themselves bus tickets. It was enough to get them into an orphanage where they could be sent to a decent school. Because the girls were rather bright, they learned things enough to get through, Jill staying in school more days than her sister once they figured out how to get into school with the help of the social workers at the orphanage. They would make it all the way to high school, Jill learning the art of cooking in the home economics classes, before they were followed. Apparently the people who were in charge of where they were sold were part of an American syndicate and the people Jack killed were high up on the ladder.

They had decided to give Jack the couple’s rank in the gang, granted she could prove her worth. By then, the girls were seventeen and Jack was a true rebel and a fighter. She defeated the lackeys they sent against her (to test her) rather easily, her percussive power shattering bone and, if they managed to piss her off enough, she would challenge them and show them what a fighter she really was. The money the girls were given in exchange for Jack’s services, though she kept permanently “altering” anyone that tried to screw her, was far more than enough to send Jill to college. But that wasn’t Jill dream exactly. She wanted bake all day, so she took classes in culinary and baking and pastry to eventually own a business of her own.

Years passed and Jack grew bored of the gang they were in, for they weren’t as terrifying as they made themselves out to be. When the girls were 23, Jack decided it was time for new scenery. Traveling outside of the country wasn’t an option for them; so they just decided to change states, albeit keeping it close, throw off anyone that may have been on their tail; mostly because, who would think they’d stay that close when there were still people in the syndicate who would rather have them dead than alive. After a couple months in Westchester, County, Jill opened her own bakery, her dream come true.

Jack, on the other hand, causing trouble as she usually did, couldn’t stick to a job to save her life. But there was something she always liked to do, and that was fight. So every week, she participates in street fights, mostly held in some abandoned building, and always keeps her gloves on. Hardly does she ever lose, and if she does, she usually tries to get her opponent to double or nothing and then makes them regret beating her, especially if they P*ss her off enough to take off her gloves. She’s good at what she does, and it gives her a thrill like no other. Even that got boring after awhile (all of two months) so she would fall back on the only other thing she was good at, which was art. So during the day she became a tattoo artist, something Jill greatly supported though she would never go near needles herself. Well that's a lie, she has one tattoo on her left wrist. It's Jack's full name in a pretty script. Jack had to knock her out to get it done because Jill kept crying and wiggling and freaking out even though it was her idea in the first place. She loves it though.

Now they just go about their daily lives, living in two separate apartments in a building just a mile away from the bakery. They chose this because Jack didn’t want Jill to be witness to anything she did to get by, and she wanted to keep an eye on her sister at the same time. Now she just hopes she can protect her this time…


[*]Player Alias: Cassy
[*]Your Age: 29
[*]Pronouns: She/Her
[*]Contact Info: PM or Discord

[*]Your Characters: Lavi is the first!
[*]How Did You Find Us?: I tripped over the affiliate button

[*]Role Play Sample:
Jill was super excited about today. It was going to be the first Fourth of July they actually celebrated during the day instead of just waiting for the fireworks at night and being done with it. And the reasoning behind it made her nearly squeal in excitement too. While she was the romantic one, her big sister had managed to snag someone for her very own! Jack didn’t like talking about it much, but it was obvious this guy meant a lot to her and Jill couldn’t be happier to spend time with him and get to know him. She also got over the accidental intrusion of their personal time and since learned to knock and leave it alone if Jack didn’t answer.

Jack had told her that he didn’t eat meat of any kind and could only deal with veggies and fruit and it was a task that she took with great joy. It gave her an excuse to dust off her vegetarian and vegan cookbooks she got before they moved to New York and she went on a bit of a cooking spree, finding all the versions of raw and lightly cooked dishes she could make for him and maybe even get Jack to eat a bit cleaner for a change. There was a large fruit salad, hummus sandwiches, black bean burgers burgers, a casserole, two ‘pasta’ dishes and a peach cobbler that she couldn’t be prouder of. Everything was made of veggies and even the bread was lettuce so they were basically wraps but she didn’t tell Jack that. Plenty of protein for all.

The spot they chose was slightly secluded by trees but at the same time had an excellent view of the stage where some sort of show was going to be and Jill had too much fun taking a huge blanket and spreading it out nice and straight before unloading some of the contents of the picnic basket, tossing Jack a bottle of water at her request. Everything was ready and now all they had to was wait for their guest of honor. But that would never get to happen.

While Jack was up a tree looking out for Stun, Jill watched with wide eyes as the scene unfolded before her and people were panicking from the strange creatures that were appearing. “JACK!?” she called out, mainly as two raptors seemed to have spotted her, or smelled the food and one of them starting sprinting. Screaming in fear, she accidentally managed to throw her hands out and make the first one go flying but the second one was far more patient and followed her into the small clearing, backing her into a tree trunk as it started to pounce. She covered her eyes, fearing she was about to die, but there was a sickening crunch and Jack was now in front of her, pulling her fists from the skull of the now dead creature.
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