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Location: Xavier Institute
Born: 2 April 2003
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Nickname: Alex
Age: 14
Player Alias: Liz
Occupation: Student
Player Timezone: EST
Faction: New Mutants
Powers: Energy absorption and blasts
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May 1 2018, 01:27 AM

Play By: Jace Norman


[*]Full Name: Alexander Summers
[*]Affiliation: New Mutants
[*]Mutant Codename: Havok
[*]Nicknames/Aliases: Alex, Alex Blanding

[*]Current Age: 14
[*]Date of Birth: 2 April
[*]Birthplace: Kwethluk, Alaska
[*]Immediate Family: Christopher Summers, father; Katherine Summers, mother, deceased; Scott Summers, brother; Haeley Summers, sister; Gabriel Summers, brother, deceased; Hayley Blanding, adopted sister; Andrew Blanding, adopted father; Pamela Blanding, adopted mother.

[*]Associates: N/A
[*]Occupation: Student

[*]Gender: Male
[*]Orientation: Heterosexual
[*]Pronouns: He/His
[*]Ethnicity: Caucasian
[*]Religion: Raised Catholic, currently atheist


[*]Height: 5'7
[*]Weight: 145 lb
[*]Eyes: Brown
[*]Hair: Blond

[*]Overall Appearance: Alex is tall for his age, with brown eyes and perpetually messy dark blond hair. Though he was born in Alaska, his foster family lived in Hawaii, and he has a dark tan from always being outside. Like any other active kid prone to trouble, he has a bunch of small scars, but nothing serious apart from one on the outside of his left knee where his leg got caught on a fence he was jumping. He has no piercings, tattoos, or physical manifestation of his mutation, although he wants to get at least a couple tattoos when he's older. Even though he's more prone to being indifferent than unsociable, it's rare to see him with anything other than a scowl or smirk.

He dresses fairly simple, usually in an old t-shirt and shorts. Most of his t-shirts are band shirts or from local surf shops. When he has the chance, he tends to steal shirts from Scott, though he usually ends up returning them sooner or later. Depending on the weather, he'll change up his outfit and wear jeans, boots, or other necessary winter clothing. He tends toward being barefoot around the house, and wearing a pair of sneakers whenever he's going somewhere. When it gets cold enough for a jacket, he has a denim one that he prefers to wear. Even though he's relatively tall and was raised to know better, he tends to have his shoulders hunched, his hands in his pockets, and his heels scuffing when he walks.


[*]Personality: Alex has been known to be a hothead, quick to argue with or even fight someone, and sometimes his habit of lashing out can express itself as pettiness, though it's more common for him to just threaten to punch someone. When it comes to an issue he has with someone, he gets in their face about it and doesn't care much about their reaction or if he offends them. He hasn't really got his heart set on rescuing everyone in trouble that he comes across, because he knows that being a hero entails a lot of drama and pain. However, he's very family-oriented and would be quick to protect his family and close friends at all costs. People who don't know him might consider him distant at times, but it would be more accurate to say that he doesn't make friends for no reason and isn't prone to giving second chances. When he isn't getting along with someone, he tends to just drop them and ignore them from then on out, rarely seeing the need for being polite or a team player.

If he gets close to someone, it's usually because they can do something for him. But once he gets close to someone, he's a loyal confidante. One of his stronger positive qualities is that he'll never leave a friend behind, regardless of the cost to himself. His patience and defensiveness are hard-earned, even if he sometimes overestimates the need for protection in a given position. While he doesn't consider himself indestructible by any means, he'd rather have himself get hurt than someone he cares about. Even with his loved ones, however, he tends to bottle up any emotional issues rather than addressing or mitigating them, which can sometimes cause problems considering his stubbornness.

When he sees a situation going bad, he'll take up the role of hero, even if it would be smarter for him to walk away. It's not common for him to be personally invested in whoever's fighting, but he believes in fair play, even if it would put him at a disadvantage. Learning something about what his father's been doing in space piqued his interest in being a hero himself, but he's still undecided. His personal views on an issue rarely stop him from helping someone if they really need it, and despite some dubious decisions, he tends to have the greater good in mind. Sometimes it's not obvious, but he has his own moral code that he sticks to even if it gets him into trouble. At times he can have a temper, but he can also be patient when he wants to, though that's pretty rare. He's more likely to escalate a situation than let it progress naturally.

He likes to play video games and is eager to get his driver's permit so he can have more independence. There's no question that he's intelligent, but schoolwork is just about the bane of his existence, and he'd do anything to get out of homework, though he likes most extracurriculars. Given that he's still new to the whole mutant thing, he's unsure about the whole X-Men thing and isn't sure where to stand on things like mutants' rights issues. Unfortunately his penchant for disobeying authority figures isn't just part of a teen rebellion phase, he's never had much use for anyone telling him what to do, and generally chooses to ignore them rather than taking the time to consider whether he should listen or not. Most attempts at giving him help, no matter the thing he needs help with, are seen as an unneeded burden, and he's not that good at offering advice either.

[*]Abilities/Skills: Alex learned to surf and drive a boat when living in Hawaii, and was on several sports teams, his favourite being soccer. Of course, he learned how to swim almost as soon as he moved to the island, and had an irregular hobby of underwater photography once he started free-diving two years ago. He also knows a little bit about how to navigate by the stars and has always done well in sciences. Although he's never done it, he wants to try competitive BMX and motocross, and has a personal goal of getting a motorcycle once he's old enough to ride. He wants to be taught hand-to-hand combat as well as how to control his powers.

[*]Freestyle: Even though he knows, objectively, that there are people who have had it worse than him, Alex considers himself to have been dealt a pretty rude hand by the universe. He had only vague memories of his biological family after a year or two, and even though he knew that he was adopted, he started remembering them akin to imaginary friends than a real family, since he'd thought they were all dead. The fact that Scott hadn't wanted to accept their real father caused more than one argument between them, since Alex didn't understand why his older brother wouldn't want to accept Chris. It's added to his disrespect of Scott's opinions, since he thinks he's wrong, and naturally the teenager is always right. But despite their personal disagreements, he'd defend anything Scott says to a stranger.


[*]Absorbing energy
[*]Basic Description: Alex's body constantly absorbs ambient cosmic energy like starlight, sunlight, x-rays, and gamma rays. It's constantly happening without him realising it. He can consciously drain energy from an object but would need to almost immediately discharge that energy somewhere, and would need to be trained to be able to do that. There is a limit to how much he can absorb, as it's stored in his body, but he's not sure where that limit is. He can also convert heat into stored power.

[*]Pros & Cons: Energy absorption is what makes the more destructive elements of Alex's mutation possible. As of yet, he's unaware that he can choose to drain ambient energy from something, and it wouldn't occur to him to try. However, he'd make an effort if someone else suggested it. He likely wouldn't be able to use it offensively until having some extensive practice. This part of his mutation makes it difficult in medical situations, since x-rays are extremely blurry, if they develop at all.

It's also physically draining for him to choose to absorb energy. He can also only do it for so long before he has to discharge that energy, and if there isn't a way for him to do that safely, it would be easy for people to get hurt. He also has to be in direct contact with an object for this part of his powers to be able to work. For that reason, it's not common for him to absorb any sort of energy besides sunlight and some starlight. If he's constantly outside, he'd have to let out some of that stored energy to avoid it building up to an explosive point. When he's sheltered from that energy – by being inside, for example – his body will naturally deplete his stored energy at a slow rate.

[*]Plasma blasts
[*]Basic Description: The energy stored in Alex's body can be discharged at will as plasma blasts. Unfortunately he has absolutely no control over it, and every manifestation of his abilities causes complete destruction of his immediate surroundings. When he's under extreme physical or emotional distress, his power can automatically manifest without him controlling it. The sudden temperature jump when his blasts hit an object cause it to shatter or disintegrate, sometimes leaving behind damage as if the object had been destroyed by an explosion. The effects of his powers vary from negligible to fatal.

[*]Pros & Cons: Given that he's new to his powers, Alex can't control them in the slightest, and is still a bit unsure as to how to even use them. If he used all the energy stored in his body, he'd need several days to be fully recharged. Since he's still relatively untrained, he's not really able to measure how much energy he expends with each blast, which can make training sessions difficult. If he pushes himself too hard, he'll collapse or even lose consciousness. His competitiveness and refusal to accept most help means that he's done that a few times. In addition, he can't destroy just anything with his powers, although it would certainly be easy to kill someone.

Scott and Alex are immune to each other's powers, and Alex cannot be harmed by his own powers either. He's also immune to damage from radiation or heat. Unfortunately, his powers can sometimes be uncontrollable enough to fry electronics on his person or burn his clothes. He's learned to wear old clothes and leave his phone in his room when he's practicing with his powers. With how new he is to his powers, it's easy for him to lose what little control he sometimes has, and trying to focus his powers in any way is even more exhausting. If pushed too far without the chance to recover, it's conceivable that he could be seriously injured or even killed.

With some training, he would be able to manipulate his ability better, and control how strong his explosions are. At his peak, he would be able to channel energy in a certain direction and lower the severity to only giving his target a headache, or knocking them down, rather than outright killing them. His ability to recover from using his power will increase as he trains with it, and his chances of not completely exhausting himself. He currently can't use his mutation for more than a few seconds at a time, but that would also improve with training.


[*]Character History
Alex and his older brother were born in Alaska. His birth home was a happy one, with his parents and brother clearly loving him. While growing up, Alex was closest with Scott, and the two were pretty inseparable. Their being apart for any length of time was bound to cause trouble with Alex in some way, as Scott was much more capable of getting him to behave than even their parents were. He wasn't completely impossible to deal with, but he certainly did his best to be a hassle. Much as he loved his parents, his obedience to them was hardly concrete.

Then his parents were killed in a plane crash, and Scott and Alex were taken away from each other. His memories of his early childhood, pre-crash, are hazy at best for Alex most of the time. Sometimes he has randomly vivid memories of that time, but it's rare for that to happen, and he has more than a few questions as to how much he sort-of-remembers is real. A few times he tried asking his adoptive family, the Blandings, but they were unfamiliar with his pre-adoptive life and couldn't tell him what he wanted to know. Eventually he stopped asking, frustrated and angry with the futility of it all.

Growing up, he slowly forgot about his parents and brother, dismissing most of his memories as dreams or fantasy. Instead he focused on avoiding school, playing sports, and getting into trouble. His temper made the latter easy, much to his adopted parents' frustration. There was no obvious trigger for his behaviour, and even Alex would admit that the Blandings had treated him well. Of course, his inexplicable penchant for doing exactly what he shouldn't landed him in therapy, especially when he started getting into fights at school. Clearly something had to be done about him, and even though the therapists did their best, Alex was recalcitrant and refused to have anything to do with them.

When the school contacted him, he was skeptical at best, but the Blandings encouraged him to go to the school and eventually made the choice for him when he wouldn't cooperate with them. Of course, Alex wasn't happy about that, especially since he had never had any sign of having powers and thought that that the school's staff was mistaken. At the time, his mutation had never made an appearance, and he was only doing what his parents were making him, although he found the school to be better than he expected. He didn't go out of his way to make any friends, but it also didn't take him long to start getting into trouble with some of the other students.

It all started looking up when being at the school helped him reunite with his father and brother. Alex was ecstatic at being with them again, though saddened to find out that his mother had died. Still, his attitude started improving somewhat, even if he rather put the Blandings to the side in order to be with his birth family more. Originally, he and Scott had more than a few arguments over the fact that only Alex wanted to accept Chris back into his life. One of those arguments led to his mutation making an explosive appearance, and he accidentally injured his father and destroyed part of the room with the blast. That finally convinced him that he belonged at a mutant-oriented school after all, and he started training with his powers as best he could.

But the revelations in Alex's life continued, when he found out that a new student at the school was actually his sister. Scott eventually accepted their father, which relieved most of the tension in the brothers' relationship, although Alex can still be relied upon to be a provoking teen at times. When the Blandings heard about his mutation showing up and all the family drama, they made him come back home for a few months. Alex was immediately furious that he was being taken away from what remained of his biological family. After much threatening of running away and several attempts, in addition with anything else that he could do to make living with him unbearable, the Blandings eventually gave in and let him return to the Xavier Institute once again.


[*]Player Alias: Liz
[*]Your Age: 21
[*]Pronouns: She/Her
[*]Timezone/Location: EST/Florida, but rest assured I have no concept of a sleep schedule and am around at odd hours
[*]Contact Info: Discord (DarthKenobi#1485) is your best bet, otherwise PM me or talk to me in the chatbox when I show up.

[*]Your Characters: Just Alex
[*]How Did You Find Us?: RPG-D

[b][*]Role Play Sample:

Alex had been fighting his adopted parents tooth and nail for three long months. Sure, they were great, and Alex loved them more than anyone else he knew, but he had absolutely no intention of being kept away from his real family. The fact that the staff at the school were probably the only people that could help him figure out his relatively new powers was just a bonus. It had taken way too much for the Blandings to give in and let him fly back to New York. The outgoing flight had had delays at the gate that made him miss his connecting flight, so the whole trip had taken almost eighteen hours, but it was worth it.

For one thing, he was looking forward to getting back into the Danger Room. He hadn't used his powers since leaving the school, because he knew better than to screw around when he could accidentally kill people. In the end, he'd told Hayley more about his powers than his parents, just because he hadn't been fighting constantly with her like he had with them. But talking about them didn't compare at all with the feeling of heat rising in his throat and exploding out of his body, carving arcs of fire into everything around him and destroying half a dozen targets in just seconds. Part of him knew that he should be wanting to train so that he could be responsible with what he could do, but that really wasn't his consideration right now.

But now that he was back in the continental States, he was more focused on navigating Westchester County Airport and getting to the baggage claim as quickly as possible. He and his family had arranged to meet there, and the teenager was eager to see all three of them again. Once Alex had texted Chris which number had been assigned to his flight, he'd taken off through the airport, hands stuck in his pockets so he wouldn't unravel the string of his hoodie. It was a nice place, he guessed, with big model planes hanging from the ceiling and carpeting that reminded him of a theater. This close to home, though, he wasn't going to stop for anything. It was hard enough to walk instead of running, and that was only because he knew he'd get yelled at by some security guy and get collared for a lecture about proper behaviour.

Since the baggage claim was part of the airport open to guests as well as travellers, Alex had expected it to be packed, but he'd outpaced just about everyone else from the few flights that had just landed. Chris saw him first and waved to him, and in return Alex gave him one of his rare smiles. Unable to resist any longer, he broke into a run, crashing into his dad at full speed and wrapping his arms around him in a hug. Even though being in Hawaii would have been nice over summer vacation or something, right now he wanted to be with Chris, Scott, and Hael instead. It wasn't every day that two of your family members came back from the dead and you got a third from outer space. All in all, he considered himself damn lucky, not to mention more than ready to get back to the school.

He pulled back from the hug only to turn his attention to his siblings, relieved to see them safe with his own eyes. Even though he'd been texting them while he was gone, that was no substitute for being with them, especially when his family seemed to be such a magnet for trouble. Alex might not care much for anyone else at the school besides his family, but he was insistent with his questions about how the three of them had been doing as they waited for his suitcase to show up on the carousel. Flying had made him uneasy ever since he remembered more of the details of the plane crash that he'd thought had killed his family, but it had been the quickest way here. Standing next to his dad, arms crossed as he tried to think of a question he hadn't already asked, he didn't really regret it.
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