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May 9 2018, 10:45 PM
Madre de Dios, ¿por qué alguien viviría en un páramo congelado con toda esta maldita nieve? Al igual que el Terminator, ¡crees que está caído y vuelve para un enfrentamiento final como un hijo de puta!

Theo was not a happy camper this morning. He wasn’t entirely sure when one needed to shovel the snow, and there had been a bit of drizzle—still dripping its last dribs at the moment—and he did not want any impediments to bakery access.

He hated to leave the warm kitchen.

Well, he didn’t like leaving the kitchen anyway, but especially when he was leaving it to go outside into the cold and wet of New York and bust out his snow shovel!

Muttering out translucent puffs of Spanish obscenity, he got to work clearing the path. The scent of warm, yeasty pastries lingered, whether on him or just in his memory was difficult to say, but it gave him something else to think about. That morning he had gone with a classic, warm, sticky cinnamon buns, with an added benefit of chocolate shavings rolled between layers of dough. As the cold wriggled into his skin, Theo thought it was probably past time for a pot of coffee, too.

Just as soon as he was finished out here and could head back inside...
Apr 5 2018, 10:12 PM
At the end of the day, Theo and Maya closed up shop. This time they didn’t lock the door; he was expecting someone from the academy to pick her up. He emptied out the register while she wiped down the tables, then—with a reminder to help herself to most of the leftover pastries—sent her into the back to wash the last dishes.

Left alone in the front of the bakery, Theo worked on the last of the cleaning up. He wiped down the counters and turned the chairs over on the tables. Nothing matched, everything was brightly colored. Not matching was sort of his theme. (Mostly because he hadn’t been able to afford matching. So mismatching it was, and Theo embraced that.)

He had less readily embraced the idea that he was some sort of curandero.

He really wasn’t. He was a guy who had read a few books and could coax enthusiasm into otherwise unenthusiastic plants. But his salves worked in a way others’ did not and his tía had gone ahead told her friends and—well, long story short, there was some word getting around and a small display of harmless salves was on offer in the shop. He didn’t sell anything major here. Acne, dry skin, that sort of thing and that sort of thing only.

With all the chairs up, Theo picked up the broom and began to sweep. He wasn’t sure how he felt about meeting this friend of Xavier’s, but—well, he would see how it went at least. He wasn’t the most presentable at this point. His apron was hung up, but there were sweat stains on his shirt. The cuffs were unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up. He knew he probably looked disheveled, that he was tired, his shoulders were slouching and his hair could do with a comb. But it was the end of a very long day. So he was as he was.

Feb 2 2018, 10:30 AM
Well… here it was. The pre-grand opening opening day! Chairs and tables had been purchased—mostly from yard sales, but he dealt with the mismatch by painting them brightly, not to match, just to look better together. Several plants had been brought in as well. It wasn’t an intentional quirk. It was just that every time he found a plant in need, Theo adopted it. The greenery justified the name—Flour Garden.

And so far, Day 1 had gone pretty well for an unestablished establishment. There had been customers, for one thing. Even better, they had been happy customers. Nothing would help him more than word of mouth.

The “help wanted” sign in the window hadn’t been addressed yet, but he hadn’t been overly optimistic.

Because it was just Theo, he was at the counter on and off, when he could be but also ducking into the back now and again to put something in the oven or retrieve it… and things were going well. It meant the bakery smelled of freshly baked something, always, and who wouldn’t like that?

For now, things were quiet. Just waiting for the next customer.
Jan 1 2018, 08:50 PM
When he woke up, the first thing Theo was really aware of was how cold his nose felt. Bitter cold, like he could snap it off like an icicle and not feel a thing. As his eyes adjusted, picking out the shapes of things in the darkness, he wondered how people chose to live anywhere this sub-zero evil cold.

But more to the point: he had heard something.

Theo had forgotten how insanely freezing New York was—it didn’t help either that he had left in autumn and come back in winter! His first day in town, he hadn’t taken off his coat as he scrubbed out a long-unused room. The building he bought was an older one. It wasn’t in terrible disrepair. The ground floor had been many things, including at one time a cafe, which was why it would be not completely impossible to turn into a bakery.

Theo planned to do that. Make it a cafe. Hopefully get the place up and running. For now, he had cleaned up the bedroom in the apartment upstairs, enough to inflate an air mattress and unroll a sleeping bag.

Downstairs… there wasn’t much worth taking, but Theo couldn’t think otherwise than, someone had broken in to steal something. Why else bother with an old building?

He considered letting them stay. The door to the apartment was locked, maybe they wouldn’t bother and he could stay in his sleeping bag, where everything besides his face was at least not catching frostbite. But that was a bad idea for… reasons. Being mature. And stuff. So Theo crawled out of the sleeping bag, shoved his double-socked feet into his sneakers, pulled his coat over his thermal shirt, and grabbed a baseball bat and flashlight.

This was… probably stupid. Seriously, he wasn’t a fighter! He was a baker with a baseball bat! Yet here he was, attempting to defend a barely-his not-quite-home.

“Who’s there?”
he called, shining the light around.
Nov 12 2017, 09:02 PM
Traveling… sucked.

Theo knew he was not the only person aware of this. Everyone who had ever traveled knew how much traveling sucked.

It was challenging in particular when you were headed to a place you had sworn off, where just about everything had gone wrong. Theo seriously doubted if he saw that moronic whore Clarice he would be able to refrain from beating out what little she had in the way of brains. There was little about New York that particularly excited him and just remembering what it had been like at the academy made him uneasy.

Blythe. He was doing this for Blythe. He reminded himself of that as the plane touched down. Visiting New York was worth it for a chance to see her.

He was only here for a few days, which meant no waiting at the baggage claim, though he did stop in the restroom for the straight guy version of freshening up—he washed his hands and ran wet fingers through his hair to get rid of static. And, that done, he made his way outside to look for the best part of New York.

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