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Jun 2 2018, 07:41 AM

[Brother for Ghost | Dalton Park | 15-16 | New Mutant | Student]

Devin Park died on July 22, 2017. Except, in truth, he didn't. He just became a psychic ghost, unable to be perceived under normal circumstances. After a while, Devin stopped haunting his family, so that he himself could get past the fact that they'd likely never interact again. He wound up at Xavier's, mostly due to figuring out that mutants could perceive him, with some effort, and the high concentration of mutants.

He never thought about finding out if any of his other family members were mutants, and after he left was when he discovered that skill.

So! This is a fairly open wanted, based on the idea that his younger brother, Dalton, also manifested a mutation, and would be brought to Xavier's. His mutation is completely up in the air, whether it's a sensitive mutation or physical one - you can decide. If he's a sensitive type, he can detect Ghost without Ghost's assistance, but physical, Ghost would have to reveal himself.

I imagine Dalton was probably a smarter sibling. Maybe a little withdrawn, compared to Devin's constant out-and-rowdiness. There was likely no deep bad blood between the two ( unless you want there to have been, this character has some built in feels and plot material, if that's where you wanna go. ) Of course, if you want to take him another direction, that's absolutely acceptable.

There's nothing too set in stone other than he needs to be Devin's younger brother and a mutant.

As a note, I will likely add their sister as a wanted as well. ( There are three brothers and the youngest sister, total. )
May 23 2018, 11:26 PM
He was… bothered.

It was hard to stay concentrating, because… well. He was worried.

Scott was up and about, but he had dodged hanging out with him. He’d only met him a couple of times prior to the invasion, and honestly he felt a little responsible for what had happened to him. There was so much in the way of guilt that constantly gnawed at the pit of his stomach. And why wouldn’t it? If he’d done his job right, he could have better protected him.

More than that, if he’d just put aside his own insecurities, he would have just possessed his happy ass and walked him into the hands of one of the staff. Same with Alex.

Instead, Scott got maimed, Alex was emotionally scarred, and Devin had become a mass murderer.

So. Yeah. Things weren’t great in his head, and even the few talks he’d had to date weren’t… one hundred percent reassuring.

Today was a TK training session, but he seemed to be the only one in today. He didn’t know what would keep the other people away, but it was… fine. He was staring at the white board, and the dry erase marker.

Blocky, terribly written words, with too many spaces and too long lines spelled out words for his trainer, Scott’s dad.

How is Scott doing? It seemed like an innocent enough question. He didn’t know if Scott’s dad even knew that Devin had been there when it happened. When he’d messed up so hard that it ended up getting one of his kids hurt so badly.

Nov 16 2017, 08:28 AM

Play By:Uriah Shelton


[*]Full Name: Devin Andrew Park
[*]Affiliation: New Mutants
[*]Mutant Codename: Ghost
[*]Nicknames/Aliases: D

[*]Current Age: 17
[*]Date of Birth: Jan 11
[*]Birthplace: Nichols Hills, South Dakota
[*]Immediate Family: Marion and David Park ( parents. ) Diana, David the 2nd ( sister / brother ) Dalton ( younger brother )
[*]Associates: None, really
[*]Occupation: General Nuisance - Ghosting.

[*]Gender: M
[*]Orientation: Homosexual / Homoromantic
[*]Pronouns: He/Him
[*]Ethnicity: Caucasian
[*]Religion: Spiritual, but not sure how.


[*]Height: 5'6
[*]Weight: Weightless
[*]Eyes: Brown
[*]Hair: Brown

[*]Overall Appearance: 'Should have had more to eat' comes to mind. He's lithe and skinny, though underneath his clothes, he's got some decent definition going on. He used to frequently do gym routines, though of course that doesn't happen much anymore since he can't touch gym equipment. He wears the same outfit regularly ( that is, every day ) - and they are the same clothes he died in. A worn green hooded sweater, a yellow tee shirt ( with a big smiley face on it ) with ripped jeans, old socks, and a pair of nice shoes.

He carries himself like a sullen teenager most of the time - though when he actually engages when people, he tends to animate and become far more enthusiastic and excited. He's short and small, which he tends to play off by hovering off the ground. His hair is perpetually groomed well, and doesn't grow at all.


[*]Personality: Generally speaking, when he's able to interact with people, he seems very manic and excited - after all, he has a pretty good reason to be. That excitement can be kind of grating, especially when people only tend to see that part of him. However, most of the time, he's rather quiet and sullen. He's stuck wishing he could rejoin 'the living,' so to speak, which has given him a little bit of a depressive streak when he's otherwise unseen. He's an extrovert by nature, and prior to his change, he used to love getting into arguments.

It was kind of a problem, actually.

Post-change, some of that is still very much alive and well in him. He loves to interact with people when he's able to, but some days it's just very hard. Not to mention, there are the additional efforts of being unable to correctly empathize with people any more. He spent a year on his own, barely visible except for short bursts, before he was found and brought to Xavier's. He loves being the center of attention - except for the obvious problem where he can't be, most of the time.

He's always had issues following rules - he finds they stymie creativity and fun, and what's the point of being alive, unless you're enjoying it? ( Of course, he would say 'alive' with a very hearty dose of sarcasm )

[*]Favorite Things:
  • Possessing people
  • Doing normal people stuff WHILE possessing people.
  • Watching TV
  • Reading books.
  • Doing anything WITH people.
[*]Quirks: Unless it weirds people out, he tends to hover. Kind of a lot. Because it's one of the few benefits of being a ghost.
[*]Hobbies: There isn't much he CAN do any more, so he tends to go reading or watching TV when he can. If he feels up to it, he might try and draw, but it's weird the way he does it. Generally speaking, though he spies on people observing them unnoticeably.
[*]Abilities/Skills: Honestly, he doesn't have many exceptional skills. He people watches mostly, and that doesn't take skill. He's a passable student and not much more.

[*]Freestyle: Honestly, he wants to become tangible again. He wants his body back, but he'll settle for ANY body, really. The way he is now, it hurts him on a deeply social / emotional level.


[*]Psychic Ghost physiology.
[*]Basic Description: ( Note: Psychic is a catch-all for anyone with specifically sensory mental powers. Telepathy, empathy, etc. ) When his mutation manifested, his mind was released in the form of, quite literally, a ghost. His body died almost immediately after. He functions very similarly to a traditional ghost - he's invisible, inaudible, and intangible by default, though he can become visible / audible with some concentrated effort. ( This invisibility / inaudibility does NOT apply to anyone with any measure of psychic talent, they can see him / hear him just fine. ) He's weightless, and generally moves by force of will, though he can appear to walk when he feels the need to. He has no need to eat, drink, or sleep, though he can sleep to pass the time.

[*]Pros & Cons: The pros would be, he's an excellent spy. He can pass through anything physical without leaving a trace, and is invisible to basically everything except psychics. Because he moves by will, he can, in essence, fly around, or if he has enough knowledge of a location, can simply will himself there in a sort of teleportation. Finally, he can, with some decent focus, be visible and audible to non-psychics. This is for a limited time - at a stretch, he can maintain visibility for a few hours before he exhausts himself.

Cons are kind of numerous: He's entirely intangible, and as such, is incapable of physically touching anything. His senses are vastly weaker than they once were - he can't smell, feel, or taste anything, and his sense of hearing and vision is dulled. The 'pros' listed are essentially also cons - though he can go and see things, he can't interact with them, in his state of perpetual limbo. He can be contained by powerful psychics, and dispersed by bursts of psychic energy, though that is usually temporary. It takes him a while to pull himself back together.

His energy is finite - he can deplete it by doing things that go against his nature. If he is visible / audible to 'normal' people, for instance, it is draining. Using either of the other abilities below are also very draining.

Finally, he cannot pass through pure wrought iron. Trying to do so disperses his energy temporarily, though he isn't sure why.

[*]Basic Description: During peak emotional times, or when fully focusing his energy, he can manifest a low-level telekinesis. Typically this is uncontrollable, and is responsible for poltergeist-like activity. The only time this is actively controllable is for minor tasks. He can turn pages of books, move small things ( very, very slowly, as the concentration required is intense ) around. Under no circumstances can this ability affect animals or people directly. ( He could fluff a shirt, but he couldn't push a person. )

[*]Pros & Cons: Pros - this allows him some minor conveniences, such as watching television, reading books, etc. He can even write small messages, but the scrawl is barely legible. Anything he moves with purpose must be done very slowly, because if his concentration falters, it drops / stops.

Cons - It's basically useless. It can be startling when he gets upset - spooky things happen, like rattling windows, plates moving on their own, etc. But it poses no real threat to anyone.

[*]Basic Description: His only genuinely concerning ability. He can, with some effort, possess a living person.

[*]Pros & Cons: Pros - Well, for short bursts, he can live like a normal person, and do whatever that person is capable of physically. He doesn't learn any special talents or skills ( so for instance, he couldn't do a backflip even if the person knows how ) and this also applies to mutations. Since he doesn't have any memories, it's a tossup whether or not he'll have control over any abilities. People who are possessed don't remember BEING possessed, it's mostly like losing time.

Cons - It rapidly drains his energy. He can possess a person for a maximum of two hours, and even that will leave him pretty useless afterwards. Generally, he'll need to wait about 24 hours to have enough power to do it again. Psychics can always tell when someone is possessed, and psychics themselves cannot be possessed. He does not access any of the memories or emotions for a person when possessing them.

( Of course, possessing other player characters will be a conversation point rather than just doing it. )


[*]Character History
His history prior to his mutation was fairly boring. His dad was an online stock broker, and his mom was a nurse. He had a big family - lots of brothers and a sister. He was one of the middle children, the second from the oldest under his sister. He got the advantage of being the a little , and BEING a big brother to two important people to him.

He'd been an average student - fairly popular, because he was outgoing and could carry on a good conversation with just about anyone. He loves his family and his friends, which is why when the mutation hit, it was... hard.

It started small, with him. He got rapidly ill, and no one could figure out why. The doctors were baffled, and nothing they were doing helped. When he finally slipped into a coma, they feared there was some sort of brain trauma, but his scans all came back clean. He just wasn't awake.

At least, he wasn't awake to them. He was floating nearby, shouting his throat raw, and begging and pleading and praying to anything that would listen to let them see him. To slide back into his body. But no - none of it worked. On July 22nd, Devin Park passed away, survived by his entire family.

And oh, he watched. He watched them for months, haunting them, wishing to help. He watched as they mourned and grieved. How his oldest brother turned to drugs, and his dad essentially grew a bottle out of his hand. His mom held it together best of all, coaching the younger siblings in how to help let him go.

Eventually, after about six months, he gave up. He recognized that though she had been talking to his siblings, he couldn't help but listen. He, too, had to let go. To try and figure out what had been happening to him. Or rather, what had happened to him. So he spent time wandering and observing. He could sleep anywhere, but he didn't breath, eat or drink. In truth, he didn't actually have to sleep, but it helped him calm down sometimes.

It was mostly by accident that he actually managed to possess someone the first time. He had been having one of his angry, frustrated rants, and tried to punch a kid who was being too stupid for words, yelling at his parents in the middle of a crowded mall. And mostly, he just fell in. And it was the most exciting feeling in the world. Warm skin, warm clothes. A hug, as he apologized and embraced the other kid's family. He didn't care.

He ate a hot pretzel and he drank entirely too much of a big blue slushie. And then, after what felt like entirely not long enough, he felt himself slipping. Only, his body - or rather, the other guy's body - wasn't. He slipped out of him, and nearly collapsed on the ground. He had to catch himself to keep from falling through it.

Exhausted, he actually slept for nearly twenty hours on the floor of the mall, heedless to the people literally walking through him. That was also where he found out there were a few people who could see him. His name was Adam - a boy who could read minds. Adam was able to spot him there, laying on the floor, people passing through him like he wasn't there.

It wasn't until Adam spoke to him that he actually woke up due to the noise. He didn't realize how weird Adam had to look - crouching there, talking to himself. They hit it off - the ghost and the telepath. The telepath who pointed him in the direction of Xavier's, after they spent some time talking.


[*]Player Alias: GB
[*]Your Age: Oold.
[*]Pronouns: He/him
[*]Timezone/Location: EST, but third shift.
[*]Contact Info: PM / Discord is fine.

[*]Your Characters: Chilltouch and Pete Wisdom
[*]How Did You Find Us?: Invitation.
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