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Jul 1 2018, 11:17 PM
Lucas felt guilty.

Ever since his relationship with Frankie had blossomed (no mutation pun intended), he'd spent increasingly less time with Rahne. This wasn't on purpose, as he simply lost track of time when in Frankie's company. Thirty minutes turned into four hours, and before they knew it, curfew struck. (Lucas had always respected curfew, but he now found himself hating it.)

While he didn't purposely avoid Rahne, Lucas admittedly didn't exactly know how to navigate the tricky world of post-girlfriend female friendship. In most classic literature, men rarely appeared alone in the company of other women once they'd begun the courting process. But this was the 21th century, right? And Rahne was like a sister to him.

Whatever the case, he felt guilty over the lack of attention he'd paid his friend these past couple months. To make up for it, he'd planned a surprise party in the common room. Rahne wasn't exactly friends with many of her fellow students, but Lucas had extended invitations in hopes they would show up and make her feel loved on her special day.

"I think the room looks nice," he said to Frankie once they were finished decorating. Thankfully she'd had a couple hours of free time to help out, as decoration wasn't one of his strong suits. "Do you think people will show up?" He hoped this didn't turn into an awkward situation where it was just the three of them.

Wolfsbane, Frankie Kennedy-Park

[Contact Ing if you want to join the party!]

May 22 2018, 12:32 AM
Lucas Knox had avoided his girlfriend the past two days. How could he face her? After everything they'd been through—after promising himself to never fail her again—he'd essentially abandoned Frankie. He'd treated her as a stranger. He'd set their relationship back to the stone age (or pre-Abrahamic times, as Lucas preferred). He'd called Hogwarts a school for mutants! Somehow that seemed the most forgivable affront, but it, too, would linger in his memory.

Lucas wished he could forget his amnesia, but memories of last week remained ever present. The most he could do was try to repair the damage.

He'd been dreading this moment since awakening drenched in sweat two nights ago with his memory restored. Fortunately, Spring Break meant no classes. Rather than immediately confront the situation, he'd turned his cell phone off and ventured into Breakstone Woods to clear his mind. That was where Lucas made another discovery: his mutation had evolved. He still didn't grasp the full extent of these new powers, but after a couple hours of exploration they seemed less dangerous than his previous set.

Back in the present, he stood before Frankie's door and knocked twice. As soon as it opened, Lucas backed away and conjured up a faint smile. "Hi," he said before looking at his shuffling feet. "Do you want to go for a walk?"

Frankie Kennedy-Park
Mar 14 2018, 11:00 PM
When Frankie had first brought up the idea of a shared costume theme, Lucas had leapt at the prospect! They may not have been an official couple yet (Or where they? He didn't really know) but the thought of a couples' costume warmed his heart. They'd brainstormed several ideas until finally settling on, quite frankly, the only one Lucas understood. Well that wasn't entirely true, but they agreed dying his hair red to become Ron Weasley went beyond a single day's commitment. So Peter Pan it was! A nice, safe choice.

Until he saw himself in those green tights.

Oh my.

They showed off a bit more than anyone should see—himself included! Lucas could only imagine what his mother would say if she were to witness this costume. The tunic certainly helped cover some of the more suggestive areas, but he still felt somewhat embarrassed as he entered the Danger Room and scanned the carnival for Frankie. They hadn't exactly settled on a rendezvous point, but the carnival's size was such that they'd inevitably bump into each other.

Until that moment arrived, Lucas decided to try his hand at the Haman piñata. "Did you know you're one of my least favorite characters in the Bible? And that really says something." He took aim, swung his arms back....and missed. Well then. After straightening the feather on his hat, Lucas took a step back and tried a second time. On this go around, he not only missed, but he also came inches from bashing someone over the head with the stick.

"I'm so sorry!" he apologized. "I didn't see you there!"
Sep 29 2017, 05:31 PM

Play By: Logan Lerman


[*]Full Name: John Lucas Knox
[*]Affiliation: New Mutants
[*]Mutant Codename: Equinox
[*]Nicknames/Aliases: Lucas

[*]Current Age: 17
[*]Date of Birth: June 20, 2000
[*]Birthplace: Lexington, Kentucky (moved to the Amazon rainforest at age 1)
[*]Immediate Family: Kevin Knox (estranged father), Louise Knox (estranged mother), Elizabeth Knox (estranged older sister), Landon Knox (deceased brother)
[*]Associates: None yet
[*]Occupation: Student

[*]Gender: Male
[*]Orientation: Heterosexual
[*]Pronouns: He/him/his
[*]Ethnicity: Caucasian
[*]Religion: Protestant Christianity


[*]Height: 5'9"
[*]Weight: 148 lbs.
[*]Eyes: Naturally blue, but vary based on the season.
[*]Hair: Black, slightly-below ear length

[*]Overall Appearance: Lucas' physical appearance remains mostly the same, though his disposition and fashion style vary according to the season (more on this below). His straight, jet black hair hangs slightly below the ears, with his bangs extending about halfway down his forehead. He has no piercings and no tattoos, as his parents raised him from a young age to view such physical additions as defilements of his God-given, natural body. If one has no calendar handy, Lucas' eye color is a tell-tale sign of the current season. His mutation is such that, with each passing solstice and equinox, his eyes change to reflect the season. During the spring, they transform into an earthen hazel, followed by amber (summer), brown (autumn), and a wintry light blue (winter). This unnatural eye color is associated with his power regeneration.

Most of the time, Lucas wears simple, non-fashionable clothes you might find at a thrift store or JC Penney. The more monochromatic the better, as he doesn't particularly like standing out in a crowd. He often walks with his hands in his pocket and his head down, with a slight slouch demonstrating his lack of confidence and slight fear of his constantly fluctuating abilities. During cooler months, he typically walks around in the same navy blue jacket--his last material reminder of his brother Landon. The exception to this social appearance comes during the summer, when his personality (see below) shines like the sun. During these three months, he carries himself with greater confidence, dresses in more vibrant, fashionable attire, and has been known to show off in front of the ladies. As soon as the autumnal equinox arrives, however, he reverts to his usual self.


[*]Personality: Lucas considers himself an old soul, which has largely been shaped by his upbringing. He would rather spend the evening tucked in bed with the latest fantasy novel than frequent the clubs with his more socially-adept peers. The Amazon jungles rarely offered the chance for massive social gatherings. As a result, he balks when confronted with large crowds, choosing instead the companionship of a few close friends. Despite this aversion for crowds, he tends to see the good in people and will trust new acquaintances until they have proven unworthy of said trust. Some might call this naivety, but his past experiences and faith in humanity prevent him from dismissing anyone outright. In the same manner that he expects the best out of people, he strives to remain as honest and dependable as possible.

His homeschooling in Brazil (more on this in the history) prevented him from keeping up to date on the latest pop culture and trends. This is one of the reasons why, along with his desire to remain in small friendship circles, he doesn't quite fit in. While his peers talk about the latest iPhone technology and the hottest video games, he still carries around a portable CD player. This has led to some ridiculing Lucas as a "hipster". It isn't that he shuns technology; he just doesn't understand it. As expected, all of this has hindered any potential relationship with the opposite sex. Most of the time, he simply has nothing to add conversation-wise.

As explained above, his personality fluctuates slightly from season to season. During spring months he might be more likely to break from his shell and try new things, while winter accentuates his introverted traits. These minor shifts, however, change very little about him. Summer proves the exception. As explained above, he performs a complete 180 in terms of his social mannerisms and fashion sense. The shy, reserved introvert becomes outgoing and confident. While these changes in his persona often open the possibilities for new friendships, they run the simultaneous risk of destroying existing relationships. Friends who have gotten to know Lucas the other nine months of the year are often shocked by his summer traits and decision-making. Autumn, therefore, is often filled with apologies and regret.

[*]Favorite Things: In terms of books, among his favorites are The Lord of the Rings, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Treasure Island, and pretty much any escapist or fantasy novel). He's trying to catch up on any movies and music he might have missed while in Brazil. His musical preferences lean more on the classical side, though he has developed a strange appreciation for symphonic metal's balance of chaos and orchestral magic.
[*]Quirks: Lucas goes nowhere without two things: (1) his cross necklace and (2) a picture of his brother which he keeps in his back pocket. These two elements remain consistent during his summer personality swings and show that, despite the changes, he remains Lucas Knox.
[*]Hobbies: He reads a lot and using writing to express his thoughts on the worlds he discovers--including his own. Though his Brazilian friends tried to get him into soccer, sports just aren't his thing. He also enjoys strategic board games and is always looking for people to play.
[*]Abilities/Skills: Writing and critical thinking are his main skills. He owns a violin and is trying to teach himself, but he lacks any professional training.

[*]Freestyle: One of the things about which Lucas is most passionate is his Christian faith. His personality prevents him from becoming overly preachy, but at the same time it shapes his outlook on life and how he views humanity. His experiences in the Amazon also taught him to always be open-minded. He would never tell someone how to live their life, and he's still figuring out how he feels about a lot of the social changes he's seen since returning to the United States. While generally even-keeled,
one of the few things that arouses Lucas's anger (outside of the summer months) is the American concept of superiority. His time among the Amazon natives taught him that different perspectives are always relevant, so he has little patience when his peers criticize foreigners and their worldviews.

His greatest fear is his inability to control his powers. An event from his past haunts him daily, and he fears similar situations may present themselves in the future. Every time he believes he may come close to controlling a power, it changes on him. While most kids his age look forward to summer, he dreads it. What might he do during those three months? Who might he become?


[*]Elemental Creation and Manipulation
[*]Basic Description: Lucas' powers vary according to the earth's seasons. As long as he resides in the temperate regions of the United States, his mutation adheres to the four seasons of this area of the Western hemisphere. Spring: Ability to control all manner of flora, from vines to trees. Summer: Ability to create and manipulate heat/fire Autumn: Ability to create and manipulate wind. Winter: Ability to create and manipulate water in its ice form. Exposure to extreme weather conditions such as the endless winters of Siberia or two-season climates (wet and dry) may affect his powers in unpredictable ways.

[*]Pros & Cons: His powers come with the following strengths and limitations: Spring: Lucas may control all flora within a 50 yd. radius up to 1 ton (2,000 pounds). This means vines, tree branches, pine needles, etc, are his friends, but he would be useless when trying to uproot a full-sized tree. In addition to controlling their movement, he can cause them to accelerate their life cycle (bloom, die, etc.) Summer: His hands can produce heat up to around 2800 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hot enough to melt steel, iron, and other common metals, but when faced with titanium or more advanced metals, it just leaves a hot spot. Furthermore, he can manipulate this heat into fist-sized fireballs or flames reaching 6 feet. Autumn: He has the ability to transform the wind around him into cyclones reaching up to 50 yds. in height with wind speeds up to 150 mph. This is enough to overturn trains and uproot most trees, but more firmly build foundations receive only structural damage. Winter: The opposite of his summer powers. His hands can produce negative temperatures up to -320 degrees Fahreinheit and create fist-sized balls of ice.

Lucas' mutation comes with two main drawbacks: (1) His powers are often connected to the time of year when they are least needed or wanted (ex. heat in summer). (2) Each power usage has a 90 second limit. Once his power is drained, his eyes return to their natural blue and he must wait 15 minutes for it to regenerate. Once the regeneration process is complete, his eyes will revert to their seasonal color with another 90 seconds of power.

(If this falls under the amnesia ban, please let me know and I'll remove it!) Furthermore, spring's association with rebirth triggers a reboot of his memory. For the next seven days after the vernal equinox, Lucas has difficulty remembering anything since his mutation activated. He remembers family and his life in Brazil but nothing following that fateful day. The memories eventually return, but this week can be a difficult time for all around him.


[*]Character History
Born on the first day of summer of the year 2000, John "Lucas" Knox bore no distinguishable characteristics that set him apart from the average American baby. He was of average weight and average eating habits; in a word--average. As the first son of a minister and his wife, expectations dictated that he continue this average existence throughout middle school, high school, and into seminary to continue the family ministerial tradition. These expectations, however, fell by the wayside when Reverend Knox and his wife made the decision to move their newborn child and 4-year old daughter to the Brazilian Amazon rain-forest in order to become missionaries to the indigenous Karajá. Once there, they made every effort to integrate into Karajá society. From a very young age, then, Lucas was isolated from contemporary American culture. Yes, traders and volunteers would bring news from the outside world and video recordings for the children to watch on their battery-powered player. But beyond these visitors and occasional trips to the city of Manaus for medical check-ups, Lucas, his sister, and their younger brother received little contact with the modern world. Their only interaction with the United States was through the homeschooling curriculum, and this stopped with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Lucas, however, found other ways to interact with the outside world. Whereas Elizabeth desired beauty products and Landon asked for toys, Lucas requested a list of books from the frequent visitors. From a very young age, then, he was introduced to the worlds of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Though the Knoxes dissuaded any forms of magical readings or witchcraft, they permitted such books due to the authors' Christian backgrounds. The more Lucas read, the more he wished to travel the world and see the wonders that inspired his favorite writers. Whenever this topic came up, however, his mother would change the subject and encourage him to distinguish fantasy from reality. Lucas assured her he recognized the difference, while maintaining a desire for the world to prove otherwise.

At the age of 14, he received his wish. The Reverend and his wife had traveled to Manaus on a business trip, leaving Elizabeth to care for her two brothers. Hearing drums echoing outside his bedroom window, Lucas crawled out of bed, sneaked out the front door, and crept toward the Karajá ceremonial fire-pit. They often gathered late at night to recount their oral history and perform religious rites (though these had become less prevalent since the Reverend's arrival). On this particular night, Lucas arrived to hear the legend of Cuxitambo--a man with the ability to transform into a puma. Stories like this formed part of the Karajá ritual past, and Lucas had often heard his father chastising them for such anti-biblical beliefs. This particular story, however, transcended mere legend. Many seated around the campfire swore to have seen Cuxitambo with their own eyes. He was a man, yes--but he was something more as well. He had evolved.

This story remained in the back of Lucas' mind for the next couple of years. Every now and then, he would manage to sneak away from his parents' watchful eye and sit at the elders' feet as they recounted similar tales. Lucas never doubted his Christian upbringing or the realities of his parents' religion, but these tales--like the fantasy novels--allowed him to break the monotony of life.

The morning of his 17th birthday, Landon gifted Lucas a mahogany violin. Lucas had always wanted to learn a musical instrument; maybe there was someone in the village who could teach him. Following the gift exchange, he and Landon un-docked their canoe and embarked on what had become a yearly birthday fishing excursion. Carrying nothing except two rods, a tacklebox, and a fishing net, the two brothers drifted down the river in search of tonight's dinner. Their mother had always advised them to remain as far from the waterfall as possible, but they'd heard rumors that the fattest tilapia loved to swim near the rapids descending into the falls. Landon made sure to consider safety first, as he waded to the shore and tied a rope from the boat around a tree. He then returned to the canoe and joined Lucas in their own private adventure.

The wind eventually picked up, signaling oncoming rain. Lucas suggested that they return home, at that very moment Landon felt something tug at his rope. He stood excitedly into the canoe as the downpour commenced. Lucas warned him to be careful, but one misplaced step was all it took for Landon to slip on the wet surface and tumble into the water. Grabbing hold of the fishing net, Lucas immediately tossed it into the water and began pulling his brother to safety. At that moment, however, something strange happened. Lucas's fingertips began glowing a bright orange, and smoke emerged from his palms. The net caught fire, and before Lucas could do anything, it snapped. That was the last time he saw his brother.

Elizabeth never forgave him. She returned to the University of North Carolina after her summer at home. Upon learning of their son's "ability," the Reverend and his wife initially kept their distance. But every time Lucas approached them, he could hear the whispers of "witchcraft" lingering in the air. When the letter from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters arrived a month later, they dismissed it as a devil's playground where possessed children were encouraged to continue their malignant ways. Lucas, however, saw it differently. And so he boarded the plane. There was little his parents could do--the school had provided his air-fare. As he left Brazil, perhaps for the final time, Lucas Knox pondered what the future would hold. Unlike his parents, he did not see his "condition" as a demonic ailment. He saw it as a gift from God--as a chance to see the world and meet people like him.


[*]Player Alias: Matt
[*]Your Age: 28
[*]Pronouns: He/his/him
[*]Timezone/Location: Central Time Zone, Southern Illinois, USA
[*]Contact Info: I'm not really on any messengers anymore. So the best way to contact me is simply to message me on here.

[*]Your Characters: None yet
[*]How Did You Find Us?: Advertisement on another site

[*]Role Play Sample:

As Lucas carefully descended the stairs and stepped on to the tarmac, he felt the crisp New England breeze against his cheeks. The weather was certainly different than Brazil; he'd have to grow accustomed to it. Closing his eyes, Lucas sharply exhaled as he prepared to embark on life's next step. He heard a commotion a few feet away and quickly opened his eyes again. Two fellow passengers had stumbled from the path and knocked over the suitcase cart. Lucas quickly jogged over and offered to help them up.

"I swear the weather in New York gets crazier every time I visit!" The man accepted Lucas' help and then brushed off his coat. "Did you see that? Wind just picked up and knocked me my ass. Damn Democrats and their climate change...."

He stomped off, blaming a group of people unknown to Lucas. The newcomer stood there for a moment, unsure what to do next. A few seconds later, he heard a shrill whistle and turned his head to see a taxi driver standing outside his door waving at him.

"Hey, kid! Need a lift?" He turned and spat a dark liquid on the ground. Lucas wasn't sure, but he knew he probably didn't want to find out.

"I'm supposed to meet someone at the train stop in North Salem." Lucas squinted at the driver. "Have you heard of it?"

The taxi driver spat again.

"Heard of it? Yeah, I've heard of it. Everyone knows about North Salem and Xavier's school for freaks. If it even is a school. Hell if I know." He approached Lucas and offered to help him carry his luggage. The driver picked up a suitcase and roughly tossed it into the trunk. He picked up a second one and prepared to do the same thing, but Lucas stopped him.

"Be careful with that one." He frowned at the violin case. "I can never replace what's inside." Memories of Landon came flooding back, but Lucas tried to brush them aside. He walked around to the passenger's side and entered the taxi. As he buckled in, Lucas turned his head slightly to the driver.

"Huh, what do ya know?" He stared into Lucas' eyes. "I could have sworn your eyes were blue just a second ago."

Lucas quickly lowered the mirror and stared at his reflection. Sure enough, his usual blue eyes had transformed into a brown shade. He closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair as the taxi drove off the tarmac. The sooner he got to Xavier's School the better; what other secrets did his new-found powers have hidden?
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