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Hello & Welcome to X-Men: Divided We Fall! We are an alternate-universe RPG that pulls inspiration from the movies, comics, cartoons & our own imaginations. Gusts to the site will be able to see all of the forums once they register an account and join us on this crazy adventure! If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the Cbox, our Discord account (link above Cbox) or PM the staff once you register! Please make sure to register your character accounts by codename (Magneto, Iceman, Professor X, etc) & your main/OOC account using your chosen screen name.

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Latest News
Xdf Bulletin - 02/01/2018
Posted By: Scottie @ Feb 1 2018, 12:18 AM
Hello all, we made it through the first month of the year! Busy schedules, a sickness that we're pretty sure turned digital to sweep through the player base, the site turned a year old, and the aftermath of an alien invasion were the big things this month. Now we enter the shortest month of the year as the story continues for our band of merry mutants. Once again we say thank you for continuing to help us grow and reach such a milestone as a year. That's quite a lot of time to be pla ... [more]
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Activity Check - January 2018
Posted By: Scottie @ Jan 27 2018, 02:01 PM
It's that time of the month, where we check and see how active we've all been. That's right it's Activity Check time! As usual, we'll list below all the characters and next to each is a marker for how many out of the 4 required In Character posts they have this month. If you don’t have the four, don’t panic yet! Because we failed to get the check up in time earlier this week, we're giving you all until February 03rd for you all to reach the 4 required p ... [more]
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Happy One Year Anniversary!
Posted By: Scottie @ Jan 15 2018, 12:00 PM
At the beginning of 2017, five individuals decided that they wanted to create a new X-Men forum based roleplay game. One where the premise was simple & to the point where anything and everything was possible. Where positive attitudes would be pushed forward, and the drama would be saved for in-character moments. A place where everyone could have fun and tell the stories they wanted, whether those stories are more angst/drama based or superpower based or just human connection based. That site ... [more]
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Xdf Bulletin - 01/01/2018
Posted By: Scottie @ Jan 1 2018, 01:00 AM
Man, what a crazy month December was, right? All the holidays, the joy that a dreadful year was finally coming to an end oh and that's right, the Shi'ar Empire sent soldiers to come decimate the Xavier Institute for harboring a fugitive. Crazy! Now that month is over and we join our characters in the shiny new year of 2018 (they have already been there for two of our moths of course). Not only is it a new year, it's a big month for this site.

In just a few short weeks (ar ... [more]
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Activity Check - December 2017
Posted By: Ing @ Dec 12 2017, 11:25 PM
Well it's that time again! We're doing it early this month because of the Holidays, so you still have ample time to get all 4 posts in!



As a big holiday THANK YOU to all our members we're skipping the activity check this month! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuah, or whatever holiday you celebrate!
Truly, we wouldn't have a site without our members and we love you all. We j ... [more]
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Xdf Bulletin - 12/01/2017
Posted By: Scottie @ Dec 1 2017, 01:31 AM
Behold, the new rollover has begun! This is actually a pretty important rollover as it is the final one of 2017 and because we love you all we're going to close out 2017 with a bang. December is here for the real world meaning holidays and all that, but in our game world those days are passed and the dates of January 16-30, 2018 are open to play. Right now you are asking yourself, "But what about the 31st of January? Are we just going to play one day in the next rollover?" No, ... [more]
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