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Latest News
The All-new Character Application Template Is Here!
Posted By: Scottie @ Jun 18 2017, 07:36 PM
Hello all!

Starting today, we have a brand new look for applications! Having looked through or previous version, staff decided that there were ways that we could modernize the template that we had been using for years. This new template allows you to give us even more of your character, to be even more creative & truly show the world the character as you see them.

Here is the new template:

Character Application

Note: You DO NOT have to change your previous applications to this format. All old applications are grandfathered in and can stay that way. IF you would like to change it over though, fee ... [more]
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Behold The Xta Weather Guide
Posted By: Scottie @ Jun 8 2017, 09:46 AM
Setting the mood of threads can be done in many different ways. Everything from the people involved in the thread, to the chosen place for the thread or even the time of day for the thread.

Another way to set the mood is through the weather.

That's where the latest guide created by the staff comes into play. Instead of having to guess or just make up what the weather is like on any given day you choose for your thread, we've done the work for you!

Weather thread:

Every new in game month this thread will be updated so that it will reflect the ... [more]
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June Announcements
Posted By: Scottie @ May 31 2017, 09:58 PM
As with all things in life, even an RPG site must grow and change as it continues forward in life.

To kick off the start of the fifth month of X-Men: The Academy, we’re indeed making some pretty big changes that we are very excited for. These changes are nothing to fear. They are things that as a staff we have discussed and realized will not only help the flow of things for our player base but they will give more direction for some aspects of the site & allow us all to have a lot more fun in the long run.

So let’s get into the changes!


- First off, we’re making a huge change to rollovers. Previously our rollovers were setup so that across one month of real world tim ... [more]
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May 2017 - Activity Check
Posted By: Scottie @ May 21 2017, 10:13 PM
It's that time of month once more, activity check time!

As usual for the last week of the month, the staff has combed through all the accounts to see which ones have met their 4 In Characters posts for the month and which ones haven't. Those that have met the requirement are in the "Safe/Active" list and are good to go for the month. Those that haven't reached it, whether they are right on the cusp or still have all 4 to do, are in the "In Danger/Inactive" list. Don't worry though, if you are on that list you have a full week to get some posts in and get onto the safe list for the month. (Characters that were approved after the first week of the month are automatically considered safe from acti ... [more]
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May 2017 Announcements
Posted By: Scottie @ May 1 2017, 03:44 PM
Welcome to a new month of X-Men fun at The Academy!

With the new rollover we are officially playing the first half of the month of October in game, specifically the dates of October 01, 2017 through October 15, 2017.

We have some big plans for the month including some mission threads for the X-Men that will allow the team to be heroes and become known to the world. Also, since we're talking about the X-Men: the team has a new leader. Since the team hasn't done much and it felt more organic, Warren Worthington III, otherwise known as Angel, is the new leader of the X-Men. Cannonball will still be around as a member, and Sabra remains as the second in command.

We've also done away with the ideas of the X- ... [more]
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April 2017 - Activity Check
Posted By: Scottie @ Apr 23 2017, 07:36 AM

It's crazy how fast time is going! As a site we've now been running for close to four months now! Where does the time go. May is around the corner which means it's time for another site Activity Check.

The way the check works is simple. Each month during the last week of that month, the staff will comb through all the accounts and see which characters have met the 4 In Character posts a month requirement and which ones haven't. Below you'll find those that are "Safe/Active" (meaning they met the post requirement) and those that are "In Danger/Inactive" (haven't met the post requirement yet) and possibly "LOA/Exempt" (For anyone that has a legit ... [more]
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